Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I 've always dreamed of being a writer. When I was a child my life was planned out up to 30 years old. I never planned past that because it was so old I couldn't imagine living beyond it. In a blink it came and went. Our lives never turn out the way we plan when we are children.

Approximately 18 months ago, I had an epiphany. I love that word. If we never try to accomplish our dreams then we have no one to blame but ourselves. I sat down at my computer and started slowly. I began to write short stories at first, and I joined a freelance writers forum. I wrote several articles and had a few purchased and published online. That was all the incentive I needed.

I have now written two manuscripts and am working on a third. One is an urban fantasy(because its cool, not because its popular) and one is a middle grade novel told from the pov of a 10 year old boy. Imagine my surprise. Thats my new catch phrase.

So this is my journal as I go in search of an agent while maintaining my day job, my family(who are all insane except for me) and continuing to write furiously in the middle of the night.

When do I sleep, you ask? I don't.


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