Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Editor In My head

We all have one. At least all of us that write. One of the most important tasks of a writer is to be able to accurately edit and revise our own work. Only, its not so easy to turn that inner critic off once he's out. Yes, mine is a man. Why wouldn't he be? In my house I am a minority, with a husband and son my time is taken up dealing with male issues. Not the least of which is sports. Basketball, Football, Baseball.....I am literally surrounded by balls. But I digress.

We must read constantly not only as enjoyment but as a way to stay on top of our craft. Even before I began writing, I knew when something was not quite right with a book. I might not always have been able to put it in words but I read voraciously so I knew when something was very good or barely readable.

Now of course, I can tell you exactly what is wrong with it. Cardboard characters, slow plodding writing, rambling descriptions, predictable story lines. I can also spot a typo with the eye of an eagle. Its so much easier to see these things in the work of others than in my own. But what does happen is when I spot this in a book I realize that is exactly what I am doing wrong in my own work and correct it. Its hard to turn off that inner editor and actually enjoy a good book, but I try.

New obsession: The Black Dagger Brotherhood series but J.R. Ward. They are an exciting, great read. You care about the characters and can't wait to turn the page to see what happens next. Most importantly.....I only found three typos in the first book.


  1. I sometimes long for those earlier days of writing, though -- before I knew all the "rules." I seemed to feel freer back then. Yes, my books sucked, but I was having fun writing poorly!

  2. Ok that made me laugh. I know exactly what you mean!


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