Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where is God?

I know, scary title right? Don't worry, He isn't missing that I know of.

Early on when my husband and I discussed how we would teach our son about religion and God we decided that we were going to be very open minded. We did not want to teach him any one theology but rather expose him to as many ideas as possible and let him decide when he grew older what he believed.

This comes from me being raised very strict Pentecostal and my husband an indifferent Baptist.

When my son was 5 years old he was on the back patio with my husband and a summer storm was brewing. These come often in Texas, brief and brutal. They pass quickly and leave just enough moisture in the air to make it feel like your breathing through a wet towel.

As lightning flashed across the sky my son asked, "Daddy, what makes the lightning?".
My husband, thinking he was a little too young for a science lesson, answered. "God."
Thunder rolled a few seconds later and my son asked, "Daddy, what makes the thunder?"
Again my husband answered, "God."
To which my son asked the most important question. "Daddy, where is God?"
My husband, a little impatient with all the questions at this point, just pointed to the sky.
My son gasped in shock and asked very anxiously, "Do the Aliens have him?"

Thats when you realize you may be leaving the SciFi channel on a little too much. You think your kids aren't paying attention but believe me they are taking it all in and forming their own opinions.

Not surprisingly, my mother did not think that story was funny at all.


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.