Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Writing Slumps

I am in a slump. I realize this because I am procrastinating and instead of writing I am reading all my favorite blogs. I have been making notes and mulling ideas over in my head, not just for my new wip but also for the revisions on my existing two manuscripts. So maybe its not so horrible to take a break for a few days. These are two new blogs that I am reading that are quickly becoming favorites, along with the current ones that are listed on my blog.
Kiersten is hilarious and her wip 'Paranormalcy' makes me green with envy it sounds so good!
S.L. Viehl is the bomb. I could live on her blog.....I think I have the last week.

Not just entertaining but informative as well. There isn't any reason why we can't laugh and learn at the same time. That sounded really stuffy, huh? I was channeling my inner school teacher.


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