Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Don't Give Up

The title says it all. Don't give up. I can't imagine not writing at this point but its hard not to get a little down when you see success all around you.

Kiersten just signed a 3 book deal with HarperTeen:

And now Natalie Whipple:
Just signed with Nathan Bransford! Yes, Nathan! Publication is only a matter of time.

I am very happy for them and the lesson we can take from this is perseverance pays off. They didn't just start writing....even though both of them look about 12 years old. Kiersten started writing approximately five years ago and the book that landed Nathan for Natalie was her 8th attempt!

My point is...it does happen. It will happen for us if we don't give up. We have to keep learning, keep trying, keep improving and someday it will be us crowing on our blogs between happy dances and hard swigs of tequila.


  1. Discipline is key. Happy dancing for my frenz =)

  2. T. Anne, you are so right! I am happy for them, you can tell they have both worked for it and did not throw in the towel over a little rejection at first.

  3. Amazing! This week is really jumping for people. It's so exciting...isn't it?

  4. How inspiring. When I joined my writer's group, there was an aspiring author who had just started writing as I had. She stuck with it while I dropped out a while to deal with a divorce. She was EXTREMELY persistent and finally she got there...15 years or so after she started.

  5. It is exciting! Agents ARE signing debut authors, books are still selling, this is a sign that we need to keep at it!
    Stephanie: Talk about persistence. 15 years???? I could be senile by then....oh well..that might actually make my writing better.


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