Wednesday, September 23, 2009


TMI or Too Much Information is not something to be laughed off or ignored in the blogging world. In Janet Reid's blog this week, she mentioned an aspiring writer whom she was about to request pages from, had listed his/her rejections on their blog and their response to it. Although she did not share what her ultimate decision was, I know she thought twice about requesting the pages after reading that.

We may think that it won't matter and that this is our place to vent/share our experiences, and of course it is but within reason. Agents will look at your blog and anything else you have put out there so please be aware of this when you write or post comments on other sites. Think twice about listing every detail of your journey to publication. There are still many things to share, insights that can discussed, and lifelong friends to make.

You can always wait until after you land that dream agent to share all the little secrets and not so nice observations. Believe me, they'll keep and you might find that you have a different take on them after a some time has passed.


  1. Good post! Agents do on the internet. Let's not bash them, okay? It's such a subjective business. I bet lots of people hated Twilight. They rejected it. Not everyone likes everything! Rejections are good for you, anyway. They keep us all grounded.

  2. This is a very wise post and it is something I'll keep in mind when that time comes.

    Must remain professional.

    Even if something really really irks me.

  3. Great post!!! Seriously a good thing to think about. I always tell my daughter, sometimes you're better off not saying a word sometimes. It can make you look better in the end.


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