Monday, November 9, 2009

Criticism, The New Vampire?

It bites with shiny teeth and the pain can be excruciating. It destroys what you were and brings about change that in most cases is necessary. When it's over, you get to live forever and you are a beautiful, sparkly version of who you once were. Or maybe not.

Let's be realistic for a moment. No one wants to hear that they are not perfect or their work may die a quiet death, never having seen the sweet light of publication. But you need to hear it. You need to feel the bite to become something more. First the bitter, then the sweet.

On this journey that all aspiring writers are on, it can be easy to lock the door and keep the words to yourself. It's hard to share with others what means so much to you. What if they hate it? Then they are insane I tell you, insane! Or you are horrible and wouldn't you want to know? At least then you could work on it.

One of the hardest and most necessary steps that we must take if we are serious about publication is to join a critique group. Or at the very least, an organization that offers critiques and supportive interaction with other writers just like you. Oh, really? You thought you were the only one? You are so narcissistic.

RWA is one such shining example of an organization determined to help their members to succeed. Whatever your genre, there is an organization out there for you. Take advantage of these opportunities to meet published authors and aspiring writers alike. It may be the turning point for you.

Hopefully you will not experience the slight disappointment that I felt when upon seeing those published authors in the flesh....I realized they did not actually glow. Not even a little sparkle. Nothing.


  1. What? You mean you didn't see John Foxjohn sparkling with his lovely sunglasses at the NWHRWA meeting? Man! LOL Just kidding. Yep, they're all ordinary like us unpublished ones. Everyone starts somewhere. The published ones are just ones that finished or "got lucky" before the rest of us.

  2. I knew you'd like that, Bethany!lol

  3. I love that analogy. It bites, it hurts and it makes you sparkly! Fantastic! (BTW, there are Twilight Barbies now!!!)

    I really need to edit a novel, so I can have it crtiiqued. Reading author blogs is a bit depressing, when you're not even at query or crit stage :(


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