Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Flashbacks

The year is 198* (withheld due to the fact I may have to admit actual age).

It was a time of Big Hair Bands and Rock Ballads.

How can we forget these haunting lyrics?
'Cos I'm hot, say what, sticky sweet
From my head, my head, to my feet
Pour some sugar on me, in the name of love.

Why yes, yes we will.

Or the sweet sounds of Slash mixing it up.

We did love you then, Axel.

Our hair looked something like this:

However, we were not nearly this cute. Purple was the only color eye shadow we owned.  Not that pale wimpy purple, but deep,dark rockstar purple.
We do not believe in doing things halfway.

Our favorite book was this one:

We were in the beginning stages of stalker love with this guy:

Major turning point in our life:

Going on a short road trip with friends, stopping at the home of friend’s acquaintance, watched random guy calmly grab and eat a junebug that landed nearby.
No, he was not hungry. There were snacks offered.

Result: Rethinking of friendships.

We not not often wish to return to the past...but we do admit to a certain nostalgic yearning for these:

You know cool when you see it.


  1. You know Marsha, apparently some 80's fashions are coming back. Apparently we're all "vintage" now (like jean jackets!) Funny...I don't feel particularly "vintage" LOL (Oh and according to what I've heard prices on 80's fashions are now higher than they were in the 80's LOL...guess you'll have to save up for parachute pants). :-)

  2. I like the style and I won't admit to my age either.

  3. Great times. I should know I was there. You nailed everything in your post!

  4. Marsha, age doesn't matter. Expecially when you're 16 at heart and look like 20 :D

    I love old SJP. Like back in the Footloose days. She was just too cute!

  5. Oh my gosh, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was my FAVORITE movie. I seriously watched it over and over again. Good. Times.


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.