Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Flashbacks

Today’s Flashback is actually a Flash Forward (shameless ripoff of TV drama).

The year is 2020.

I am a celebrated author with dozens of books published (I have a lot to say).

This is where I live:

This is my backyard:

This is my car:

The fashion of the day is this:

But I am a rebel and often can be seen wearing something like this:

I look great because for some reason…I do not age.

My son works here:

The FBI Crime Lab at Quantico.  But he calls me every day for advice and my much needed insight into human nature (gathered from years of watching Law & Order and Criminal Minds).

My husband still looks like this:

Ok, ok...more like this:

Still really hot and now he is my man-slave and caters to my every need.

Ahhhh…the future is a bright and shiny place.


  1. Hehe... your backyard is Multnomah Falls... that's right down the freeway from me! Love it! See you in 2020!!! :)

  2. Isn't a writer's imagination a wonderful thing? We dream big! And why not?

    I'm looking forward to your bestsellers.

  3. Valerie:lol, we will be neighbors and totally hang out!

    Terry: Thank you, thank you. I will remain humble and yes...our imagination rocks.haha

  4. Um, can I be your rich author neighbor??? And for some odd reason I don't age either. God is good isn't he?

    You are too funny!!!


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.