Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Why does my query,
make me feel so teary?
Is it only me
that feels this weary?

I will not give up on my dream,
because I can’t find the theme.
Two paragraphs I must manage,
without doing too much damage.

I will not concede.
I will write until my fingers bleed.

Maybe it’s an evil plot
to twist me in a knot,
or…maybe not.

I have another theory
about the fearful query.

It was designed to test.
Did I really do my best?

My eyes are becoming quite bleary.
My words look slightly smeary,
but I won’t give up,
until I beat this hated query.


  1. The query blues. Well done! You should put it to music.

    Good theory. Love the litttle hound dog.

  2. Marsha,

    LOL, that totally rocked. Best wishes with your query! :-)

  3. Love this! Good luck on your querying!!!

  4. yups it's a test!

    We have a test out here: JLPT. It tests your level of Japanese. For the lower levels, you only have to be able to speak and write at a low level.

    BUT: all the rooms are labelled in Japanese, and all the staff only speak Japanese. The real test is finding where the rooms at...

    If you can't find the room, you'll miss out on the exam. If you can't sell the query, you miss out on the agent :(


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.