Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Must

If you have been putting off watching Avatar…don’t any longer. The DVD dropped this past Thursday and is selling in record amounts.

Whatever you may think about this movie (that it maybe looks silly and slightly cartoonish?) it does not come close to the reality of it. How could we have ever doubted its excellence when this lady stars in it?

A large part is CG but every time I see this technology at work I am even more amazed at the detail and sheer genius of it. Avatar is not a new story line, as we have been told; there are no new story lines but it is original in the retelling of it. Instead of Cowboys and Indians, it is Military and Aliens. The concept of the stronger, greedier race trying to destroy the smaller, sensitive one for profit is the backbone of this tale.

The Na'vi are in tune with the land, they are a part of nature and coexist with every creature on their planet. The military wants to destroy their land so they can take a new precious metal called Unobtainium.
They opted for a happy ending instead of the harsh reality in these situations. If only the Indians had this guy, maybe things would have turned out differently for them.

He is smokin’ hot no matter what color he is.

And if he looks familiar, it’s because he was this guy too:

And this guy:

This movie is a Monday Must!


  1. LIKE! Avatar is more than a Monday Must. It's an every single freaking day of life Must.

  2. I loved, loved, loved, that movie!!!! My kids say it will come out in #D and to wait for that version. So I will wait to own.

  3. YES! I watched it this weekend. You betcha. So awesome.

  4. T!!! No way-3D?? I am totally gifting this DVD to a family member and buying the 3D one!!!

  5. I so wanted to go to the movie theater to watch this but never got around to it. This weekend though, I bought it! And OMG. I love it!!! The colors and the world James Cameron created is so vivid and beautiful. I do believe it's love. ;)

  6. I've never seen Avatar...but we're thinking we'll be renting it soon through Netflix.

  7. I put off seeing it for the reason you mentioned,cartoonish. And I keep hearing it's great. With all these glowing reviews here, it's a must-see now.

  8. I hate buying into the hype, but I really did enjoy this movie. There were a couple weird parts, but for the most part it was beautiful!!

  9. Okay, I'm convinced!! I'll give it a try!

  10. Yeah, I totally loved it! It's such an inspiration (you won't believe how badly I spelled that 2 seconds ago) for us writers. You don't need the most original concept, if you can weave a story like James Cameron.

    On second thought, maybe that's not inspirational...


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