Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Must: Move On!!

When do you know that it's time to move on to a new manuscript? I know everyone says that while querying one, you should begin the next but that's easier said that done. There is so much tweaking and rethinking...and sometimes letting go is harder than trying to herd cats (alert: southern euphemism).

Maybe a small part of us believes that moving on means we are giving up on our previous story. We cannot give in to that feeling. As writers we must move on to the next story, the next set of circumstances, the next set of characters that need us to mold their lives into a flowing masterpiece of words. Or the next hit series on Fox.

Each story that pours from our fingertips will hold a special place in our hearts…but there is room for so many more. So get up…turn off those reruns of Buffy…and move on to the next manuscript that whispers in your head. It’s not a betrayal, it’s not giving up, it is just the realization that more stories need to be told and with each one we put to paper, the better we become in the telling.


  1. Great post! I've been struggling with this as well. While sending out Moon Dog for edits and such, I moved on to another manuscript. I don't want to give up on Moon Dog, I want to go back to it, but there are many other characters who want to speak, you know? =)

  2. amen.

    i couldn't agree more.


  3. What I need to learn to do is move the story to the next level. I'm a first draft guru. Second drafts? Not so much. Third drafts? What's that?

    Some day, I will finally type "The End!"


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