Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday’s Take: Chance

Taking chances is not something I enjoy. I like to know every outcome before I act. If the consequences are not favorable…then I don’t usually risk it.

I do not gamble. The idea that I could lose money on a chance that I might win does not seem incentive enough. I would never jump from an airplane. The chance that my chute would malfunction is too great.

Contests are agonizing for me. It makes my stomach clench to compete against others because while I want to win fiercely…I also do not want anyone else to lose.  Then, if I do lose…I feel like crap and wish I hadn’t entered in the first place.
Sometimes you are happier with your illusions of greatness than the reality of your failings. You risk nothing if you never take a chance.

But then an opportunity comes along that you can’t pass up…and you put yourself out there because if you don’t…there is no chance that you will win.

Life is all about risk, and taking chances. Marriage, kids, careers, and your dreams, none of it is for certain. It is all one big gamble that you hope pays off.
Sometimes you have to leap, without looking, and not worry about the landing.

But remember…tuck and roll, people. Tuck and Roll.

That’s my take on it.


  1. what a lovely post, Marsha. i couldn't agree with you more. so true.


  2. Nice thoughts. So true.

    Tuck and Roll. LOL! Good advice.

  3. You are so right! About everything!! :)

  4. My husband used to slow down and yell, "Tuck and roll!" every time I got out of the car. It's still good advice, though. :)

  5. I like this advice. Sometimes I want to just curl up in a ball and never put my writing out there again. But we've just got to tuck and roll!

    P.S. I can't wait to get to your pages today. =)


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.