Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Flashback: Childhood Pets

The average person may not realize how events in our life shape us, but writers do. We understand the importance of random events in the evolution of our personality.

I am not a cat person. I believe it is because of one event in my childhood. My family came into possession of two kittens, one tiger striped and fat, one black and skinny. We immediately named them Tiger and Tiny. I loved Tiger passionately as only a five year old can. I squeezed him repeatedly, dressed him in doll clothes, and fed him everything from Doritos to fried okra.

He was killed when he was still a kitten. I suspect Tiny had something to do with it. Her shifty eyes seemed a little too pleased. After a sad funeral, where we all cried and spoke of a Kitty Heaven where all good fat kitties live, Tiny became the focus of my family’s love…but not mine. I have never loved another cat, nor will I.

After a few years, my father brought home our first puppy. It was a Chinese Pug bulldog and fit in the palm of my hand. We named him Chin-Su and so began my love affair with dogs.

What was your first childhood pet? And were any of them as cute as these?


  1. I love kitties, but I'm allergic. :( I still remember this mini weeny dog we had when I was little (Sabrina). She was so mean, but I LOVED HER SO MUCH!!

    Happy 4th!

  2. I grew up loving cats. That's all my family had, cats, and a guinea pig named Buster.

    I got my first dog last November and I love her to pieces. I'm both a cat person and a dog person. Who knew?

    But my husband thinks I got my love of cats because as a child, when my family would go to the river, there were always kittens next door. I would feed them my unfinished food. Actually, we got two of our cats from that herd. So your write (right!). Events shape up!

    Have a great holiday!

  3. What cute photos!!!! We always had cats growing up and I loved them, until I moved out on my own and got a "bad" one. It changed me totally. Now I'm a dog person. Funny how that happens.

    Have a happy 4th!

  4. Mine was an orange cat named Morris. Original I know. ;) I wish I had a pug! Later we adopted a Lhasa Apso, talk about bad hair days. He was a nightmare to comb!!!! Have a great fourth Marsha!!!

  5. We weren't allowed to have pets growing up. My mom still doesn't like dogs in the house. She doesn't want one in the back yard either, so that pretty much rules it all out! My first dog came when I was in my 20s and my sister couldn't keep her dog at college. So we took him on and he became like my child. When he died, it broke my heart. Shelby's my second dog ever, only 2 years old, but she's already like a daughter. When you don't have children, your animals become your children!

  6. Yeah childhood pets! I had a golden retriever named Penny. She was my BFF. But I also remember two chickens my sister and I treated with extra special care. I'm not sure what made them more special than the rest, but we thought they were something else. *shrug*


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