Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Flashbacks: What Were We Thinking?

Remember awesome 80’s music that rocked your world and made you the person you are today???

What the hell were we thinking? I’m not talking about the big hair bands like Bon Jovi (I love you, John) or Poison because those classy guys will rock forever but what about these rebels:

Turning Japanese by The Vapors

Or this little gem:

Mickey By Toni Basil

Or my particular fav:

I Wanna Be A Cowboy by Boys Don't Cry

It just makes you long for the good ole days...when love was everyone's drug and hair was really important.

Your Love Is My Drug

I have a feeling Kesha will be in one of these 'what the hell were we thinking' posts 20 years from now...

We can only hope.  Happy Weekend!!



    And don't forget New Kids on the Block!

  2. There are too many that are embarrassing to remember...I think Kesha might be one of them in the future too.

  3. Haha, Love the cheerleader look on Toni Basil.
    Oh but Kesha's glasses rock!

    Happy weekend to you too:)

  4. Okay, so I loved me some New Kids on the Block. But that was probably more of a 90's thing, right? And I love me some Kesha. I believe she will be in one of those posts, quiet possibly along with Lady Gaga in twenty years. But who knows.

  5. I Love I think I'm turning Japanese!!! ANd of course I still sing Mickey to my cousin Mickey. Who doesn't love that? Thanks for taking me back to some of my best years! *teenage me just cringed at how sad her life turned out*

  6. Seriously? My mom and I were talking about this just yesterday! :) I think the basic thing all those 'what were we thinking' bands have in common is this: the songs were fun, catchy, and dance-able. Maybe the tune was repetitive, maybe the lyrics didn't make sense, but you can dance to them. I've heard both Micky and Turning Japanese, so they're not quite history yet, and Ke$ha is the same. Maybe she'll fade into oblivion, maybe in her next albums she'll grow musically - but her songs are still catchy and fun. :)
    (P.S. note from the 2000 generation(I actually never know what generation I am. I was born in 91, but I'm not really a 90s kid - I mean, I watched doug and played SNES, so maybe I am, but really, I only started paying attention to pop culture in the last ten years or so. This is turning into a book, sorry!): we know Ke$ha has no talent, please don't fear our sanity. :D But her songs are easy to dance to.)

  7. This post is a wonderful trip down memory lane. I'm not familiar with Kesha, though. I'm going to look her up.

  8. What? Toni Basil is awesome! ha ha ha. Hey Mickey!


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