Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday’s Word: Wwyms (pronounced whims)

Wwyms is more than a new word…it’s an acronym. It means ‘What would your momma say?’.

I’m not trying to imply we should always do what our mothers tell us. But I think we should be prepared for what they are going to say before and after we do…well, anything really. This could also help stop us from making some seriously crazy mistakes. I know it has helped me in the past. Apparently not these guys though:

I bet his momma wanted grandkids.

Or it could help when considering what to wear in public:

Although I am pretty sure Lady GaGa was hatched or landed here long ago so who knows what her momma would say?

This poor boy could be traumatized forever.

Definitely be your own person but as an adult try to keep in mind that others see what we do and might form incorrect opinions about us. Part of me wants to say I don’t give a flyin’ ##@@ what anyone thinks (and that would be the part of me that listens to Eminem, eats chocolate for breakfast, says Hollaaaa and writes YA) but the mature side of me (the accountant) says don’t we want to be an example to our families and our readers?

I think we can be ourselves and still keep in mind what our mothers would say.

So next time you are tempted to do something particularly crazy on a whim, remember what Wwyms stands for, and rethink your decision. Unless this is your momma:

Then forget everything I just said.

And that, my friends, is the Word.


  1. I have a feeling Lady Gaga's mom probably understand she's been taken over by the industry and turned into a pop icon. You aren't really yourself anymore once they get a hold of you.

  2. ..poor Lindsay - she never stood a chance

  3. LOLLOLOL!!! All the way through this.

    No grandkids for him:D

    My mother is a the last puritan in Boston. If I listened to her, I'd never have lived at all. So this doesn't apply to me. But fun post!

  4. I saw a Tshirt the other day, with Stitch in the middle of a whole stack of other Disney characters who were looking at him in terror. It had the caption "There's one in every family!"

    In that knowledge, my mamma gave up on me a long time ago. lol!

  5. OK, confession; if I could wear those clothes in public I probably would. *sorry I'm late to the party*


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