Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Flashback: First Jobs

Every experience in our lives teaches us something and enriches us as writers. I believe if I did not have the experiences that I did…I would not be the person I am today. My first job was at Wendy’s and it was the summer I was sixteen.

I partied on the weekends with my boss and dated one of my coworkers. Because honestly, it’s just more convenient that way. Several episodes stand out from those three months, like the time I picked flies out of the pickles and served them anyway…hey they didn’t touch all of them! And some I can’t reveal because I may still get in trouble.

One day a girl came in with a few of her friends and starting flirting with my boyfriend as he took their order. They glanced at me indifferently, in my Wendy’s hat and polyester pants. She ordered the kids meal…because anything else would have been too much for her to eat, she giggled.

I hated her.

And my gift to her was a kid’s meal burger with more ketchup than meat…and one lonely pickle swimming in the middle.

This job ended with a mutual parting of ways between me and the regional manager. He was hot and like really old…24 if I recall. He told everyone I had a crush on him (which I did) but of course I had to deny it…loudly and to his face.

He may or may not have looked like K-Fed.

So my first job ended and with it came a valuable lesson…never flirt with hot fast food workers…their girlfriends may be making your burger. Or maybe it was never eat pickles? Whatever, you get the point.

What was your first job?
Happy Weekend!!


  1. My post today concerns the first job I ever had to actually apply for and got on my own. My first job where I actually received an official paycheck was working construction in the summer for a company where my father was an officer and he got me the job--no fair!
    Check out my post today about the first job that I got on my own.
    Oh, I and I won't be eating at Wendy's today.

    Tossing It Out

  2. I'd be crushing right there with you! My first job was serving ice cream at Thrifty's. And yes, they've since changed their name to Rite aid. I've never eaten SO much ice cream in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dream in mint chocolate chip on occasion. ;)

  3. I worked at a bowling alley restaurant. But I took orders from the bowlers out in the alley and brought them back to them on a tray.

    Lot of running around. But lots of flirting and great tips!

  4. Aww, cute story!! :)
    My problem is a kid's meal is enough for me to eat, really it is. But I like to eat so much more. :D
    And I will never order pickles at Wendy's again. Ever.

  5. Ok, now I am really starting to feel bad for telling about the pickles!! Wendy's is still my fav fast food place to eat.
    Arlee: What a great story!

    T.Anne: I ate soooo many Frosties for those few months that I had like permanent brain

    Terry:Love bowling alleys! Why didn't I think to apply there?

    Beth-Eliz: Thank you and you are totally exempted from a first job story as you should be concentrating on school!!! and writing. Eat the pickles!!!! I am sure that bucket is long gone by now...hahahhaha(mad-scientist laugh).

  6. I totally agree. Everything we do, is a potential story. That's why I try to live as much as possible.

  7. I'm afraid I haven't been stopping by here enough. This is a seriously hilarious post. I love your blog. Much talent in writing about something as mundane as pickles, Dude.

    So, my first job was leading horseback trail riding and shovelling ****. I was 13 - worked 12 hour shifts and made $15 a day. Can you say child labour? This taught me to never undervalue myself again.

    Alas, there was no cute co workers or it may be a more interesting story.

  8. Damn, do I ever want a double melt now.

    My first job was either landscaping or security. I cannot remember which. I currently work at a sex shop, which is as awesome as it sounds.

    Oh, I'm a new follower, by the way!

    - Brad Jaeger


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