Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday’s Word: Bookaholic

Hello, my name is Marsha…and I am a bookaholic. A Word Nerd. A lover of the scribble and the scribe. Those of us living with this addiction are tempted constantly but we must resist (once in a while) or we would never shower…and our hair would look like this:

There is nothing like the feeling of holding a new book in your hands. The giddy excitement threatens to overwhelm and you find yourself giggling insanely at nothing…nothing at all.

When I am not reading books, I am sitting in my chair thinking about them…

Or lying in bed dreaming about them…

Sometimes I say what the hell and just belly up to the bar…

I am a bookaholic and there is no help for me.

And that, my friends, is the Word.


  1. Me too....although I recently downloaded the Kindle app for iPhone and I'm addicted to reading books that way now. It's great to be able to always have a book on me to read!

  2. Love the cat and the book bar. Where did you find that? LOL!!!

  3. Aww! I want a blanket like that! Today I feel like that cat looks! Sore throat and ear ache have reappeared. I read plenty when I'm sick. *sniff*

  4. Hi Marsha, welcome to the club! We're happy to have you. :)

  5. Love the photos! There are days when my hair looks like that. And, where is that chair? I want one. Fortunately, there is no cure for bookaholicism. The only thing to do is buy and read more books. :)

  6. Bookstores=kryptonite

    And empty pockets.

  7. I've finally gotten back into reading (I've been so busy with reading for classes that I've hardly done it for pleasure in years) and I must say it's hard to read in balance. Once I pick up a book I can hardly put it down!

  8. My hair looks just like that today. Is that a problem? Tee-hee. Super fun post, Marsha, and I love the pics!


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.