Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Must: Blogging TMI

Don’t you worry sometimes that you might be blogging a little too much information? That maybe no one wants to know what you had for dinner or that part of your outfit today was dug out of the dirty laundry basket?

Some people pull this off and it works great, while others prefer to keep their blog more professional, and that works great too. But it’s hard not to give a peek now and then especially when your personal life has a direct bearing on your blogging one.

So, with that being said I would like to announce if I ever miss a regular scheduled blog post, it can be directly attributed to this person.

My own little Typhoid Mary. Why call him that? Because I have re-entered the world of daycares, boo-boos, and more poop than any person has a right to produce and with that comes germs, people. Germs that give him a 24-hour sniffle, give me a week long bout of Bronchitis. If he runs a low grade fever for a few hours, I run it for 72 and become entirely too friendly with my porcelain disposal unit. Maybe if we could just stop kissing him…probably not gonna happen.  He's just so...squishable.

What started as a temporary custody situation of this tiny family member is now pretty permanent, so besides dealing with the teenage angst from my first born, I am dealing with potty training and arguing the philosophical message behind Toy Story 3. Oh yeah, there is one.

That’s all the details I am willing to give (because frankly, I am saving the rest for my Oprah interview) and you would be bored anyway. Just know that I am always one dry heave away, reading your blogs, laughing at your comments, and in complete admiration of how awesome all of you are.


  1. Haha!Little ones take over your life and yes, they are germ magnets.

    He's adorbable and I'm sure, squishable. Happy mothering and hope you feel better:)

  2. Awwwwwww! if you need a babysitter for that little ball of cute, please pick me. haha

  3. Oh how I envy you! I SO wish I would have a squishable baby one more time!!! And BTW, there is a philosophical message buried deep within Toy Story 3. If I can stop crying while I watch it, I'll figure it out. ;)

  4. I think TMI really depends on the standard you set on your blog. You post personal info from time to time. We're used to that.

    Plus, he is squishable. Rules can be broken for squishable :)


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