Monday, April 4, 2011


There so many more points of view than I ever thought possible.

First-person view
Second-person view
Third-person view
Alternating person view
Stream-of-consciousness voice
Character voice
Unreliable voice
Epistolary voice

Third-person voices:

Third-person, subjective
Third-person, objective
Third-person, omniscient

The more I look at stories from different angles, the more it affects everything I do. My husband and I watched a movie the other night and for the first time ever he was on the side of the woman and I was on the side of the man. When did this happen? But I could clearly see from the male point of view how the situation could have developed.

Of course, we agreed to disagree. This means I firmly stated that he (my husband) was obviously wrong and possibly turning into a little girl and we decided to move on from there.

But what struck me is how much the story can change depending on the point of view. I am currently using a first person female pov. This is more comfortable to me because it feels as if I am telling you the story. What are you using? And do you play with different ones? Or ever thought of how your story would change if another character were telling it?


  1. Okay, now I'm curious to know what movie you guys were watching that would make your husband possibly turn into a little girl! LOL

    I write in third person and use multiple POVs to tell the story, so I get to play around in a few different characters' heads. I actually think I'm slightly better at writing from a man's POV. My own female neurosis tends to slip into my female characters, turning them into annoying, whiny little b*tches.

  2. My current WIP is told in first-person/female, and she's slightly unreliable. I never even considered writing this story from third person, though that's how I usually prefer to write.

    And, yeah, I'm curious what movie that was too.

  3. I like to experiment with points of view, although for my serious projects it's generally third person. :) There are SO many types though, aren't there? Yet all of them can make an amazing story. I once read one in second person and loved it! How weird, right?

  4. I'm first person, present tense. I've had many a crit partner try and talk me out of this foolishness so I left them. ;) Really I don't think there is another way.

  5. Don't forget the tenses!

    Let's see:
    Book 1: Alternating female 3rd person objective
    Book 2: Male 3rd person
    Book 3: Female 1st person present

    However the book comes to me, I write it.

  6. It's also amazing to me how quickly a writer can make a sympathetic character unsympathetic and vice versa. I see it on TV shows I really bugs me when I stop siding with a character I've previously sided with, all because the writer took a wrong turn.

  7. saw your answer to Tana's Friday post about genre and just had to let you know-- I'd read that book, haha. All of my favorite TV shows rolled into one? Yes, please. Best of luck!

  8. I struggled with this a lot in my current story. I really wanted to write in first person, but I realized that the parts that I enjoyed writing most and that came out sounding the best were the parts I tried in third, and I had to let go of that dream. I mostly wanted to do it because there aren't many first-person fantasy books out there. Now I understand why. I might even have to delve into alternating viewpoints just to convey the scope of events. This project is spiraling out of control.


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