Monday, June 20, 2011

Get Your Fat On.

I wrote like a maniac over the weekend.  The first draft of my current manuscript is almost complete but it's too thin.  It needs more depth and description, which I have a harder time with than the heart pounding action sequences and the OMG my sister is also my mother big reveals.  I want you to hear and smell this world, not just see it.  It needs to be fattened up and I found the perfect solution.

The Bookshelf Muse.  This blog is an incredible resource for writers.  It offers a thesaurus buffet for every appetite.  Emotions, settings, character descriptions, whatever you hunger for can be found there.

So if your manuscript looks a little skinny head on over...and get your fat on.



  1. That picture scares me, but I love the Bookshelf Muse! It's super helpful. :)

  2. I'm with Bethany - that pic is SO wrong!
    And I totally understand, the action scenes are heaps of fun to write but the everyday stuff... can feel as though it drags sooo much. That said as a reader I love reading those bits, helps me to place myself in the world :)

  3. You win the prize for finding the Most Disturbing Pic of a Giraffe I Have Ever Seen.

    Funny, my work usually needs to go on a diet! I'm the queen of word vomit.

  4. We're on the same wavelength today. My world building skills have been found lacking by a few readers, and so I'm revising again to add another layer to my opening scenes. Trouble is, my word count is already, fat. Like a giraffe with a Big Mac addiction.

  5. That is an excellent site!
    The "sight" of the disproportional giraffe? Eh, not so much.

    Congrats on the productive weekend!

  6. Get your fat on
    Get your fat on
    Getcha getcha getcha getcha getcha fat on!


  7. That fat giraffe is freaking me out!

    Thanks for the tip. I think I already follow that blog but I'll check to make sure.

  8. I also write like you. First Draft was only 45k. Rewrite: 80k. 1 week in with revisions: 95k.

    I'm now starting to get to a point where I'll have to cut back on the fat.


  9. Aw you are so kind--thanks so much for the mention. I get so excited every time someone new finds their way to the blog and is happy with what they get from it. :)

    Happy writing!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  10. Too many leaves in his diet, you know. Carbs are a killer.

  11. But you know what? Thin is better than non-existent. You have something to work with, you have the skeleton, now adding the meat on the bones is the next part. I'm like you, I find action much easier to write than descriptions of narrative. If I could write a novel with just dialogue I would, too, because I find it easier. But alas, all dialogue is not a novel make. :o/


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