Monday, June 27, 2011

True That

I’ve been obsessed with vampires since before my age hit double digits.

I’ve seen everything from this:

To this:

And all the bad in between:

I have read about them almost as much,


They have been portrayed as funny, friendly, cruel, tormented, sexy, and sadistic.
I have seen them as children, teenagers, middle aged, old, and ancient.

And I love them as much today as I ever have.

But I still have no desire to write about them. The strange reality is I can’t because I’m overexposed to the subject. I cannot honestly think of an original take on it. At least not yet and I will not make any sort of attempt until I am certain I could do it better than it’s been done before.

In this situation, I would be my own toughest critic. But then maybe we always are.

Is there a genre that you love but would never attempt to write in?


  1. Finally, I beat Bryce to a post. (I'll explain later)

    I know how you feel. Truth is, I love literary novels (really), but I just don't think I have the skills to execute one that would be interesting enough. I appreciate it when others do, though.

    And speaking of vampires, have you seen the trailer for Grampires with Billy Crystal and Helen Mirren? So funny.

  2. Dang. She beat me to it.

    I can't read books about vampires, but can watch movies about them. I'm not sure what that means, and not sure I want to know.

    I don't think I could ever write a book about them, to be sure.

  3. I actually did write about vampires once. It wasn't super original, but it wasn't a carbon copy either. And I was in eighth grade, so that's a plus. :)
    Actually, I have a fairly original story idea in my brain, but I'm trying to figure out all the details before I write the story. :)

  4. Literary would probably kill me. Straight up Fantasy, especially the epic kind, would probably push me into an asylum. (Which is funny, because I enjoy reading both.)

    Anything else I think I could contemplate without falling out of my chair laughing.

    But I've got a series planned that will include vampys (on the periphery), but it's a couple or three WIPs away. I've had the idea for ages and I just can't let it go, so I figure I've got to write the darn thing.

  5. I'm so the same way. Love all things vampire, but I just don't think I could do them justice if I tried to write about them! It would turn out corny and cliched.

  6. Dont forget that classic "the lost boys" a funny and well made vamp movie. Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,Pa

  7. I love memoirs, but I don't want to write one. I like my fiction fictional.

  8. I'm the same way about paranormal and fantasy. I don't think I keep track of details well enough to write fantasy, and I feel it would bog me down. But I have lots of ideas that aren't fully contemp. :(


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