Friday, July 15, 2011

Not Goodbye

June 15th, 2011 marks the day the last Harry Potter film is released to an audience who I’m sure is watching with mixed emotions. Equal parts delight at seeing our old friends again and sorrow knowing this will be the last time. Or is it?

Hogwarts has been a part of my family for the last 12 years. Since the night I read my young son the first three pages and after realizing he had fallen asleep…stayed up until 1:00am to finish. I now know Harry’s world almost as well as I know my own. Need a spell to unlock any door? I got that. Want to summon an item to you in times of great need? Not a problem. Would you like to know what floor Muggle Investigations is on within the Ministry Of Magic? Show me your ID first.

I can explain the rules of Quidditch better than I can Basketball. My son still knows more about the wizarding world’s government than that other one in Washington DC (the one that isn’t nearly as fun).

I have loved every magical moment, and adored every single character from Harry Potter to Bellatrix LeStrange to Filch’s cat. These stories made me forget I was an adult and not care if I ever remembered.

How can we say goodbye? I won’t do it. And I don’t have to. That is the true secret of stories. They are never truly over and we don’t ever have to say goodbye. Hogwarts is only as far away as my bookshelf and I can go there any time I like.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione can be seen with a click of my remote control as often as I want. And I do…often.

So this is not goodbye.  It’s just…see you later.


  1. I wonder if she'll ever write another book...

  2. Look at those baby faces. I can't believe how fast time goes by.

    Enjoy your Harry Potter weekend. :)

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  4. You're right: stories are never truly over. That is more or less what I told my friend this morning as I condoled her while she was sobbing over "the end of harry potter."

    They really are great books! I won't say goodbye either :P

  5. And the really cool thing?

    Centuries from now, (if we don't manage to destroy ourselves by then) future generations will be exploring the same Potter worlds, with the same Potter wonder, and the same Potter satisfaction, as those who experienced the mystique for the first time.

    Try THAT with any other form of entertainment.


  6. That's it, I'm doing a HP marathon this weekend. Look how cute and little they are in the first movie!

    Amazing to think how Harry Potter has affected a generation. Wow. How many writers have that kind of impact?

    BOOKS RULE! (to steal from Bryce)

  7. I am in awe of the spell this woman has cast on the world.

  8. I read the first book...and saw the first movie. I think I read up to the third or fourth book? But the first book and movie...that was some magic.

  9. Ill admit I've never seen any of the H.P series and its not really my cup of tea, but there's no denying its popularity. Richard from Amish Stories

  10. It's always kind of crazy seeeing those old pics of the cast. lol. You're right about the beauty of stories- immortality.


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