Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Spin a Spell

I've lived a thousand lives and been on countless adventures.  I have shopped in an alley filled with magical wares and wandered the halls of a school founded for wizards.  I have witnessed my friends cut down by evil. 

I have sipped tea with a mad hatter and defeated a red queen.  I have fought to regain a throne that by all rights belongs to my bloodline.  I have wept at the feet of kings and granted mercy to those who wept at mine.

I have been best friends with a werewolf and dated the undead.  I have solved hundreds of mysteries, and brought justice to the deserving and punishment to the wicked. 

I have witnessed vampires become citizens and executed those who turned rogue.  I have crossed many miles and multiple worlds in search of a dark tower, all knew my name and shuddered at my passing.  I have forged friendships of the deepest kind and then sacrificed them along the way. 

I have stood on the shores of alien worlds and felt no longing for home.

I've been a hero and a villain...often at the same time.  I have loved deeply and felt love in return, I have been lost and found.  I have killed for all the right reasons and a few wrong ones.  I have died and been reborn.

And I never left my couch.

This is why I write.


  1. Plus you can drink coffee and/or whiskey while you do it.

  2. Holy smokes!

    Smokin', girl. Smokin'.

  3. I love this post! It's so very true, and wonderfully articulated. Don't you love armchair adventures? They're why I write (and read) as well :)

  4. What is going on in the blogosphere today? It's like everyone drank a cup of awesome or something. People are writing all kinds of deep stuff. Well done, and so true.

  5. Lovely. :)

    Me, I write for the money.

    I KID I KID.

  6. So beautiful, Marsha! And a great picture to go with it.

  7. That is so cool, Marsha. You could also say 'That is why I read.'

  8. Did you ever eat a pine tree? Certain parts are edible.
    This is why I watch commercials.

    (awesome post)


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