Monday, September 26, 2011

Behind My Own Iron Curtain

I realize the need for corporate firewalls but that doesn’t mean I have to like them. So this morning when I arrived at my office early to find a new one installed that blocked several of my favorite sites, I did what any loyal employee would do…I tried to find a way around it.

Flash forward 30 minutes later to an email from our IT manager asking me why I was trying to bypass our settings.

To which I replied, ‘it’s not me, it’s my porn addiction.’ We did manage to compromise on Twitter but only if I agreed to follow him.

I have honed the art of multitasking so having 10 browser windows up at one time is not unusual but no longer.  You have now been classified as a distraction. We are blocked from anything labeled ‘Web Communications’ or ‘Arts and Entertainment’ even on our lunch hours.

Adaptability is my middle name (not really, that would be weird.) so this will not stop me but it will force a rearranging of my blogging schedule, maybe pre-schedule more posts, and delay my commenting on blogs until much later in the day.

This is Marsha Sigman...reporting from behind the iron curtain.  Support blog freedom everywhere!


  1. They firewalled you? The gall! Don't they know that it's the distractions that get you through the day?

  2. Whaaaaaat!! Do they know what they've done here? I love starting revolutions! Really, I should have joined the CIA. I'll start working the backchannels to find a good hacker and get back to you. I mean what do they expect, that you crunch numbers all day?

  3. Oh no, oh no! You've been FIREWALLED!! Or rather, everyone over here has been firewalled. My personal productivity SOARS when I can check facebook whenever I want! :)

  4. I'm rarely entertaining, so maybe they'll still let you come visit my blog.

  5. Pirate blogging... I like the sound of it.


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