Friday, October 7, 2011

Just Don't

The fabulous month of October holds one of my favorite holidays, Halloween.  Now you may be tempted to go rogue and dress your child up in something unusual this year...

Trust me...just don't.  They could grow up to be this guy.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I think you need to buy casualty insurance for your blog, because I'm going to sue you one day for burning images like that last one into my brain. :)

    Have you seen the Angry Birds costume? I gotta have it.

  2. Good. Good. Good.
    I'm going steampunk for halloween. :)

  3. That Nazi kid is so cute. It's a shame his parents are retarded. Enjoy your weekend as well Marsha.

  4. If I had a kid I would totally dress him as a car freshner thing.

    And maybe that's why it's best that I don't have any kids?

    The Hitler one is just disturbing.

  5. Wow, people are... umm... inventive with their kids' costumes. Yeah, yeah, that's it... inventive. And that last guy? That's hilarious. Disturbing but hilarious.

  6. That last one will haunt me for days...

  7. I like the car freshner and Zorro is also cute. However, Hitler is a little much. The kid is adorable, but the outfit....His parents are going to owe him big time when he's older.


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