Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Write You

Monday we talked about writing style and whether we like pants or not.  Today lets discuss genre.  What sort of stories do you love?  And what do you write?  Is it the same?

I believe every story we create is a mix of our own fantasy and reality.

Isn't it beautiful?

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  1. I read and write almost exclusively historical fiction, with elements of literary fiction and women's fiction. I also enjoy some sci-fi, and love classic world literature. I've been writing exclusively 20th century historical for a very long time now, but someday I may go back and explore other eras again, like the Civil War, prehistory, the Middle Ages, and various eras of Japanese history.

  2. I think my favorite genre to read is historical fiction or historical fantasy. I would write historical fiction if I thought I could do the research, but I'm pretty sure I'm too much of a slacker to get the historical accuracy right. I write fantasy so I can buy myself a little room to get creative with the details. :)

  3. I love reading literary fiction. But my own writing is women's fiction, I think, in the most part - with ghosts, dead bodies, murderers and stalkers, oh and a werewolf once!

  4. My first love is fantasy then historical, scifi, horror, romance, paranormal, YA, magic realism, plus all the research books which I won't list. Lovely pics :)

  5. I'll read anything YA, except historical. I think my life is magical realism. Obvs I live in this world, but there are so many fantasies in my head, which I think is why I'm happy bouncing back and forth between the two.

    I write all contemporary YA. I'm scared of world-building, and I don't think I've got the MG voice down yet.

  6. I don;t have a favourite genre. I love to write dark stories, but not horror. I love YA, and I love historical, but I've never tried to write a YA historical. I have no idea why that is.

    I'll start with voice. Everything else, including genre, kind of makes itself apparent after a chapter or two.

  7. My writing doesn't fit into any kind of genre, and I like that. However, agents don't, because it needs to fit into SOME kind of box, otherwise you can't sell it! ... right?

    I guess if I had to specify, I'd say literary fictional humor. Which really does not make it sound funny or fun AT ALL.


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