Monday, June 11, 2012

Never Surrender

The Never Surrender Blogfest is hosted by the incredible Elana Johnson who never surrendered in her quest for publication and is now celebrating the release of her second novel titled (big surprise.ha) Surrender.

We are supposed to blog about a time in our life when we didn’t give up, when we chose not to surrender, and triumphed over adversity.

This is not as easy as it sounds.  What should I post about?  My first sad attempt at a novel which surprisingly (it was pure awful) scored a partial request from THE Jody Reamer, that ultimately led to a well-deserved rejection?  I didn’t give up then but I did reevaluate my dream of being the next Stephanie Meyers.

Or should I blog about being married for 23 years* now? How we choose every day to not surrender but fight for our family and each other?  Some days it’s effortless and other’s a struggle just to not commit murder.

I think every morning we throw back the covers and face the day is a real triumph.  Every time we choose to  get up, to send one more query, write one more story, offer a kiss instead of a smack to the head of said infuriating spouse, is a choice not to surrender.

To give up would be easy, I suspect it would feel as if a great weight of responsibility were lifted off our shoulders.  But I’m afraid it would carry a piece of our soul with it.  That’s not a price I’m willing to pay.  So every day I choose to fight for what I believe in, for everything that is important to me, because no matter what the end result, I would rather go out fighting on my feet than kneeling on my knees.**

*I would like to insert here that I was a child bride.  This may or may not be true but it makes me feel better about my age.
**I have been seriously influenced by the last two seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’.


  1. I’ll imagine you as a very young child bride. =)

  2. Child bride. *snort*

    And yay for you for fighting the good fight every day. I'd rather pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep, but that's just me. :P

    Never surrender, never give up!

  3. I was married when I was eight. Which makes me seventeen. Life is grand.

  4. Congratulations on 23 years of marriage! When you hit 25, I'm sending you buys a dire wolf puppy. :)

  5. Giving up on your marriage would make you worse than the other 50% of the population. Keep fighting...figuratively speaking, of course. lol

  6. Congratulations on your 23rd year of being a child bride! Were you married to another child, or were you married off to a 50 year old man? You know, in true creepy child bride fashion?

  7. Stopping by from the blogfest... I loved your post - the postscripts cracked me up.

  8. Yes, life really is a series of little never surrender moments strung together. Congrats on the long marriage! It really is a test of patience.

  9. It's easy to get caught up in the tales of life and death struggles or overcoming insurmountable odds in this blogfest, but you are right, it all begins with the seemingly insignificant choices. Great post! :)


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