Monday, August 13, 2012

Touch Me Up

Every story needs revisions, touch ups if you will, sometimes more than once (or 4 or 5).  There is no shame in admitting that brilliance does not drip from our fingertips, at least not on the first try.

There also comes a point when you need an unbiased decision.  This means someone who does not share your last name.  It doesn't hurt to have a friend take a look at your writing but I recommend picking the meanest one.  False flattery feels good but it doesn't help you at all.

And know that this process is not limited to just our profession.  We all need a little touch up now and then.

Jessica Alba not so much.  I think this was a week after she had her first baby.

Brit needs a little more help but just to take the Ho edge off.


Have a great Monday.  And don't forget to attend WriteOnCon 2012!!!!  


  1. It's true. We all need someone who's brave enough to tell us it isn't the style of pants that is making our butt look big it's the fat that's making our butt look big. :P

    And from now on I'm airbrushing all my photos.

  2. wow, I wish someone would airbrush me into beautiful - but I'll do my own work when it comes to the writing, thanks ;)

  3. I could use a touch up myself. Maybe I can order one online.

  4. I wish I could touch up my novels with photoshop.

  5. This is what I have Brandon for, because he'll tell it like it is. If his list of things to change/edit don't make me sob brokenly and doubt my own ability, then he hasn't done his job right.

  6. methinks, it takes wonders and miracles to make Madonna look younger and even remotely attractive.
    Love your metaphor!


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