Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life is an Ad-Lib.

Some of the most famous scenes in many popular movies were the result of a spontaneous ad-lib.

The Godfather-1972
No one knows where the hell Brando got the cat come from.  It was never in the script.
The Fugitive-1993
Tommy Lee Jones famous answer to Harrison Ford's plea in the sewers that he didn't kill his wife was simple but perfect, and entirely ad-libbed. "I don't care."

The Dark Knight Rises-2008
The slow clap of a creepy clown was never meant to be but only the dark brilliance of Heath Ledger could make it so.

Pretty Woman-1990
Snapping closed the lid of the jewelry box was a playful spontaneous move by Richard Gere but Julia Robert's reaction was so perfectly honest, they decided to keep the scene.

To see a much larger and mind blowing list hop on over to Screen Rant.

And is meant to be ad-libbed.


  1. I always like seeing those behind the scene things from movies...great post and, yes, I is meant to be ad libbed!

  2. That spontaneity works so brilliantly because it's the genuine, in the moment reaction. Contrivance can be a killer in storytelling, IMO. Excellent observation. :))

  3. I loved these! Even though I didn't have time, I clicked on that link and read every single one. I especially loved that Robin Williams made up the fart story in "Good Will Hunting." Awesomely funny! And I can't believe my favorite line from "Jaws" -- "You're gonna need a bigger boat" -- was ad-libbed!
    Thanks so much for the link! :-)

  4. I've heard that a fair amount of Heath Ledger's parts as the Joker were ad-libbed. God, he was good in that.

    A recent one: Leo DiCaprio really cut his hand during that particular scene in Django Unchained, when he slammed his fist and shattered a glass. It started bleeding, a lot. However, he kept going with it, and even smeared a bit of (real) blood over a woman's face, because he figured it's something his character would do as an act of dominance. It was brilliant.


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