Wednesday, July 31, 2013

5 Reasons My Blog is Better than Dating Taylor Swift.

1) If our relationship goes bad I won't post breakup songs about you. And by relationship I mean you following my blog.

2) If I did post a song about you, I would never sing it.  Except in the shower.

3) I'm aware that I cannot sing. Except in the shower. But I can dance.

4) I have a sense of humor and can laugh at myself.

5) You will never read a post of me complaining about being popular.

Note: The title of this post was given to me by this content generator.  Which is awesome.  And I wouldn't have known about it if not for the incredible L.G. Smith.


  1. Oh, it is so good to see the Idea Generator creating real life solutions!

    And, Jupiter's cock, would you ever let your son date Taylor Swift? I mean she really is a bad breakup, if ever there was one. It's made her a lot of money though.

    1. watching this last GIF in which she's yelling obnoxiously, I actually have a strong urge to throw something heavy at her :)

  2. and plus if you're reading this blog you cannot really end up in that godawful ONE DIRECTION band which might actually happen to you if you date TAylor Swift

  3. I'm not necessarily anti-Taylor Swift, but I did see an interesting headline about her once that asked, Maybe It's You. She's had a lot of high profile breakups for someone so young. :P

  4. oh, no, I've heard of one direction; my niece is all about the band. I could tell just by looking at them it would be hate at first sight. Kind of like Taylor Swift. And I would so rather hang out here than with her.

  5. I'm not condoning violence against women, but I hate Taylor Swift so much I kind of want to punch her in the face. However, I do not want to punch you or your blog in the face. So you definitely win.

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