Saturday, July 25, 2009

Doggie Love

This week in the news a story really stood out for me. This man in Florida, David Grounds, wrestled an alligator to save his dog. He lost two fingers in the process.

Ok, its a cute dog. I'll give him that. He rambled on about how it was like a child to him and he couldn't imagine not trying to save her. Then his son spoke up about how the dog was like his little sister. I could see the resemblance.

I love my dogs (we have English Springers) but there is no way I am giving up limbs to save them. They are not my children. They are my pets. I would do my best to save them if they were in danger out of love and a sense of responsibility.

The first thing I would do is NOT take them to a pond that I know has an alligator in it. If for some reason I had and the alligator was chewing on one of them, I would shoot it with my gun (because I would have one if I was walking anywhere near an alligator's home) or I would stab it with my knife (again due to high alligator population) but I would not try to wrestle it with my bare hands.

It does not really need to be said that if that had been my child, I would have gladly given up any part of my body to save him and I would have a nice new pair of alligator boots.

So my advice to Mr. Grounds is this: Shave both of your kids and stay away from alligator infested waters(your backyard). Look on the bright side. You can flip the bird to anyone you want now and not be held accountable.


  1. No I don't think I'd give my limb to save my dog, even though I love her. Which makes me feel bad because I know she'd give her life to save me. You're right, though. No WAY would I put my dog in a situation where an alligator could get her.

  2. Right! I couldn't believe that part. I would be devastated if something happened to one of our dogs but I think we should consider the consequences of the situations we put them in. He said the dog was like his child but how many of us would take our child to a pond and let them roam the edge of it unsupervised with an alligator near by?


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