Monday, July 27, 2009


One of the hardest things for me and I am sure many others, is finding the time to write. It was always my excuse in the past. I could not possibly pursue this dream with so little free time. Empty, stupid excuses. There is always a way if you want it badly enough. I couldn't magically create more hours in the day so in order for me to write, something had to be given up in its place. This is when organizational skills are a big help. You have to prioritize your life.

I have a full time job that I need so taking any time away from that was not an option. Taking time away from my family was not a good idea either. Spending time with them has to be a priority and during the school year there are basketball games, band concerts, and the occasional volunteering that must be done. So what to do on the free nights that I had after working all day, running errands, cooking dinner and washing up? In the distant past it was a few precious hours of TV time or talking on the phone to friends. Not anymore.

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to all my friends that I have not talked to in so long.....I promise to thank you in the acknowledgement pages of my first published book.

I shaved time from social activities, phone time, TV (They brought back 90210?), and of course......sleep.

I've never been happier.

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  1. Often it's just about finding that one hour in a day. Maybe in the morning before the kids get up...or at night before bed. I can write just about anywhere and I've found being bored in doctor's offices or waiting outside a store for someone is writing time, but I can write on notepad with a pen. I'm thinking if I were a mom all that waiting in the car for the kids to come out of various activities would have been my writing time.


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