Friday, July 31, 2009

Movie Star Crushes

Gerard Butler. Do I really have to say more? Ok, Ok I will. I know I said that during the week I would only blog about writing but I cannot help myself. In case you live under a rock and have no clue who this man is:

He has been in quite a few great movies. He was King Leonidas in '300' but what really cemented my crush was.....PS. I love you.

I cried through most of that movie, and I don't cry easily. Ok, I did cry over the original 'Toy Story' when Buzz Lightyear realized he couldn't fly but hey.....that was really sad.

Back to my point. As if this picture of Gerard Butler wasn't enough, his scottish accent is like icing on the cake of his manly beauty. Just when I thought no one could replace Sean Connery.

He was born in Glasgow, Scotland. How perfect is that? I am obsessed with Scotland. My mother's family is from there originally and I tell my husband that the Highlands call to me. He ignores me......just like when I ask him to call me Mrs. Butler. I have to get a new best friend. I think when you have been married as long as we have its ok if you have crushes as long as they are on imaginary characters....or movie stars that you have zero chance of meeting.

Now when I become a famous author and Mr. Butler is begging for my autograph because my book touched him and influenced his husband might not be so tolerant.


  1. I just saw The Ugly Truth last night and loved it...even though he spoke with an American accent.(why, I don't know!) Funny movie...and he is dreamy.

  2. I first saw him in P.S. I Love You and I thought at the time he was rather charming. My celebrity crush is Greg Kinnear. I know, odd choice. But he's so cute!

  3. Sherrinda: I have not had a chance to see that yet and I am dying here! I don't like it when he doesn't speak in his natural accent either.

    Stephanie: Greg Kinnear has such kind, expressive eyes! I have always liked him.

  4. I saw him on Conan, did you catch that interview? He was so sweet!

  5. Saw Ugly Truth and hated it, but I love Jared anyway! Phantom and P.S. I love you are my favs! I want him to suceed big time, retire and create some grandchildren for his mom. He is sooo gorgeous! I like the comment on calling ourselves Mrs. Butler. My grandaughters call me Mrs. Jerry now1 He is young enough to be my son. I need help!!! I have also fallen for Craig Ferguson. I fall to sleep every nite with him!

  6. Anon: I know exactly how you feel, it seems the movie stars I love are getting younger and younger.haha I really like Craig Ferguson too! He is so cute and funny! I loved him in 'Saving Grace', the story line was a little shocking but so funny that you couldn't help but love that movie.

    Gerard Butler is still number #1 though.


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