Sunday, August 2, 2009

Random Things

I promise not to ramble on thinking this has to be the most interesting subject, EVER. It was funny over on T. Anne's blog , so I thought I would totally copy and do it on mine. I promise to be honest, its just not in me not to be. Besides the truest things are often the funniest.

Random Story:
One time my husband and I accidentally set fire to our bedroom. We were alone and fell asleep with lit candles all around us. You can imagine. My husband burnt his hand putting the fire out and at the emergency room was given an elephant dose of morphine. He began yelling 'F--k it'at the top of his lungs. I was mortified and tried to calm him down, only after he threw up all over me did I realize he was yelling 'Bucket'. He will never let me forget it.

Random Facts:
1) I am the youngest of six. My momma has always loved me best.
2) I am a Gemini, which I think means we see both sides of every issue. But when we settle on one we are positive we're right. We are. Really.
3) I have always wanted to be a writer. My life interrupted that for a while. For some reason I thought growing up meant giving up on dreams. I came to my senses.
4) I have been married 21 years. I was a child bride.....honestly. Being married that long doesn't mean its all been sunshine and daisies. It means my husband and I are really stubborn. We have had some bad years and some good ones. This year is definitely a good one.
5) I have one son who is incredible. He is smart, funny, cute as hell, and completely obnoxious. Having him has made me a better person.

Ok, thats it for now. Except maybe that I have a serious boot addiction...not I don't think you can ever have too many. And one time when I was a teenager I ate nothing but onion rings for a month. I don't recommend doing this.


  1. Like you, I let life get in the way of my writing dreams for a while but I found my way back!

  2. That was an AWESOME list! ROTFL at the random story! Your poor husband. Romance is quit dangerous at your house. And of course the baby is the favorite ;) (except in my family lol)

  3. Stephanie: Aren't you much happier now? I mean even without being published, don't you have more of sense that you are finally doing what you should be?

    T. Anne: Thank you! Yes, romance is dangerous at our house and we never use candles anymore!ha And my momma tries to deny it but I know I am still the favorite.


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.