Friday, August 7, 2009

Political Talk Radio

I hate Political Talk Radio. Yes, it must be capitalized. This is not a lead to talk about politics. I get enough of that at home because Political Talk Radio is my husband's new addiction. I have only myself to blame. His job involves a lot of driving, so the radio is on constantly. At one time he was happy, listening to hours of a comedy station on satellite radio. Then I did a re budget of finances and we had to tighten things up a bit.

No more satellite radio.

So he has turned to talk radio and now every day I have to hear his rants regarding the latest political news. At first I listened patiently and we discussed all the issues but after a few weeks this has gotten out of control. I tried to explain that I did not want to have the same discussion every single night but it fell on deaf ears. I then tried a more mature approach.....I covered my ears and hummed loudly. Now I am UnAmerican.

I love that my husband cares and he is involved but he does tend to obsess from time to time (ADHD but that's an entire post on its own). Now I am thinking satellite radio might just be a necessity.

By the way, my sacrifice was HBO. I intend to buy 'True Blood' on DVD.


  1. One word: iPod. Then he can get his talk radio via podcast for free.

  2. You are a patient woman. That is one thing I really can't politics for too long. That was sweet of y'all to both give up something. I wish we could "give up" our ridiculous electricity bill.

  3. Stephanie-I am definitely going to check into that, thank you!
    Regina-Don't even get me started on the electric bill. Didn't I read that you were in Texas too? Record heat does not help that bill at all!


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