Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things I love

I am having technical difficulties at home with my internet (serves me right, I think I blew something up yesterday from overuse) so I will be posting to my blog from my day job office for a few days. Since I will be pressed for time, you may see a lack of the normal serious, thought provoking posts. Such as Movie Star Crushes and long, tortured poems about my hair.

I apologize in advance.

Today I want to talk about things that I love! Not listed in any particular order, except for the first one.

1) My Family (most of them.....there are a few I could without....and a couple of country cousins that want to love me a little too much).
2) Good Books (paranormal mainly but not always).
3) Writing (when the words flow...not so much when I am stuck).
4) My Couch (it is the most comfortable couch in the WORLD. I will never give it up...but I may have to recover soon. Its showing the love.)
5) Onion Rings (no explanation really needed)
6) Mexican Food (all kinds)
7) Boots....dress, cowboy, low heel, high heel, short, tall, and a category I like to call 'Hooker'. I love them all (hooker boots are not to be worn in public once you have reached your 30's and joined the PTA).
8) Chocolate (again all kinds....I don't like to discriminate).
9) Blogging (Because I can ramble as long as I want and I can't hear you if you tell me to shut up).
10) Gerard Butler (Because who doesn't love him?)

What are some things you love?


  1. ONION rings! Yum. I have a blog set to post Monday (love this pre-set thing over here on Blogger) that's a list of things I can't live without. I COULD live without them but life wouldn't be as happy!

    Oh and I love hooker boots also. I have some silver colored ones that I always feel sexy in.

  2. Hey Steph! Ok I have some boots that my husband bought for me at Victoria Secrets. They are beautiful, chocolate suede but they are thigh high with an evil tall skinny heel. I love them but I don't see ever wearing them out. Sometimes I put them on and do the dishes.ha And that was not meant in any way to be suggestive...I thought it would be funny to dress up to clean house. I am easily entertained.

    I can't talk about Onion Rings right now...I am going to set off a major craving!

  3. Mexican food and Chocolate is all you needed to say to completely distract me for the rest of my work day as I sit here and ponder how to justify the expense of going to get some to my husband after I just spent half my salary at the grocery store yesterday so that we wouldn't have to eat out anymore. Thanks a lot Marsha!

  4. Suddenly I'm craving, onion rings, mexican food and chocolate I wonder why?

    My new love is Marshmallow shakes! I'n fact I think I'll do a whole post dedicated to just that tomorrow....

  5. hahha, ya'll are funny. Sorry to start the cravings but I couldn't help it! I am poppin' peppermints like crazy trying to distract myself.

  6. I agree with the chocolate. Sadly, I'm allergic to onions, so no onion rings for me. I liked Gerard Butler in "The Phantom Of The Opera"...I like Scottish accents. I was in a chat room one night and a guy got on the microphone from Scotland and I didn't understand half of what he said, but I could've listened to him talk all night. I love accents (particularly French, British and Scottish). LOL If my husband had a French, British, or Scottish accent I'd probably make him talk all night. It's hard enough to have him leave the house, if he had an accent it just might kill me. LOL (And yes, my husband is a wonderful man).

    Love your blog.


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.