Sunday, September 20, 2009

Status Check

Lets do a status check on where everyone is at with their work-in-progress. How far along on you in your current novel/screenplay? Do you have an idea of how long it will be before completion? I think it helps to come up for air every once in a while and check to make sure we are on track with where we want to be. It helps to not lose sight of the goal and to be honest about putting off what you should be working on.

I am currently at 25,000 words and approximately 90 pages. That actually seems like a lot of pages compared to my word count. I do format as I go along and I tend to be heavy on the dialogue. I would say at this point I am not quite a 3rd of the way done but close.

I am more excited about this novel than the others I have written. It is more complicated and will take more time but the end result should be much better than my previous attempts. How many novels have you written so far? Are you on your first one? Sometimes the first one is a winner but I think more often than not its a learning experience.

So take a time out....and check your status.


  1. I'm finished! A first draft anyway of my second novel. 93,000 words. Hoping my agent and editor like it and don't want it to be much shorter. And then trying to think about something else to write - that's the big challenge. Suddenly the goal blurs and you have to create a whole new one.

  2. Congrats, Keren! Its so exciting to finish that first draft of a new novel. I understand what your going through, I have pages of ideas and trying to decide what to write next was not easy for me. I had to really think each idea through to make that decision this time. I am pretty happy with my choice. I know it won't take you long to decide!

  3. I have the first draft of my first novel completed and am actually editing, shaving and adding to it with my mom right now. We are having a great time and are going to start working on a second novel. Meanwhile I am like 10% done with a screenplay I am doing.


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.