Saturday, September 19, 2009

Overheard Conversations

I know what your thinking. No overheard conversation can be good. Your usually isn't. But it can be funny and sometimes change your perspective on things. Especially when it's your kids doing the talking.

I once overheard a conversation between my 4 year old son and his 5 year old cousin. We were visiting their home and I was passing by the bedroom where the kids were playing. It went something like this (you'll have to imagine the lisps):

"What wrong with your bed?"
"Ohhh, nuttin'. Sometimes I pee in there."
"What??!! Why?" My son was obviously horrified yet fascinated.
"Just do."
"You get in trouble?"
"Is it still wet?"
"Let's roll on it!"

I hurriedly interrupted.

Last week I passed by my son's room, his door was open and it was late morning already. His phone rang and he picked up. I paused before entering. This is what I heard:

"Hello? What? No, I didn't say that. No. No. I said you thought she was all right. No. I didn't. No, I don't like Lisa. Well, I don't like her like her. I just like her. No. Yes, you did. You did. You said it. Whatever. OK. By."

They had obviously worked it out. But I was left with plaguing questions.

What happened to my baby?
What happened to the promise he made me when he was 5 that he would hate girls forever?
When did my son start having these kinds of conversations?
And more importantly, who was this teenage temptress, Lisa?

All questions that remain unanswered. I must face facts. Somewhere along the line my son's voice changed and he now sounds like Froggy from Little Rascals. He is as tall as I am. He is not a baby anymore.

It just happened so fast.

As you can see from the more recent picture...he rarely thinks I am funny any longer...or cool. He'll get over it.


  1. How cute. They grow up so fast...

    My then 4 year old had this conversation with a telemarketer. As the phone was ringing, I told him not to pick it up. He did anyway...

    "Hello? No. Yeah. He's doin' poo-poo."

    He's heard me tell that story a lot.

  2. This reminds of when one of my nephews was about 3 years old (he's older than that, now). We were at one of my sister's wedding (I have 5 sisters and they're all married). Anyway he and his dad were playing Follow-The-Leader. I asked if I could play and my nephew said, "Aunt Bethany, you can't play with us."

    In any case, I had never been told something like that by a 3 year old. It's kinda funny now.

    My own son (who is several years AWAY from getting his license, due to not being the right age) often says when we're in the car "I'm driving." And he has sometimes said "My broom" about our broom and at PetSmart when we go to visit the animals he says "My doggy." And I have to say "Um, sorry, that's not our dog." He gives me a look like I must be out of my mind LOL

  3. Kids... They are the best! Their honesty kills me sometimes. They are the greatest ever!

  4. I didn't even want anything to do with boys until I got my first crush in sixth grade. But I'm told that's unusual by the kids in my life and my boyfriend, who said first crushes were for kindergarten. Just makes me sad they don't get to really enjoy childhood before starting all that!


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