Friday, September 18, 2009

Out of Time

I had a GREAT blog post planned for today....I mean it was awesome....but I spent all my time reading everyone else' great blogs and now I am out of time! I must resume my daytime duties as I shake my fist at all of you interesting, wonderful people!!!!!

I'm really not shaking my fist. It was a great way to spend my lunch hour. So I am going to pass on the love and show you where I spent all of my time:

Keirsten Writes: Help her choose her author pic for her new book:

Regina Rhythm: Who always has something interesting and provocative to say.

Nathan Bransford: Because....its Nathan.

Literary Rambles: Recommended by Janet Reid and Jenny Bent. Can't get better than that unless...its Nathan.

If I didn't mention you forgive me...and know that I will spend countless hours reading your blogs tonight after everyone has gone to bed and I am staring bleary eyed at my computer....

Come back tomorrow and check out my funny post I've been dying to write.


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