Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who Reads Your Blog?

I like to pretend everyone reads my blog. The reality is probably not that many. Hopefully that will change with time, persistence, and interesting topics. This is my writing blog and while I might sometimes shift from that topic, the writing will always be the most important subject to me and the majority of people that come here.

My family does not read my blog. I have doubts that my husband can read.....I'm joking! Maybe....
Truthfully, he has never been an avid reader but he has read some of my work. He thinks I am brilliant, of course. I didn't point out that he really does not have anything to compare it to. He believes in me and that's enough. I tell him when I mention him on my blog, even if its only in passing. He doesn't mind. We share the same slightly dark sense of humor and it has carried us through many things, good and bad.

I do write my blog as if everyone is reading it. I believe you can have your own voice, state your own opinions, and get your point across without being rude, hurtful, or betraying the trust of your loved ones.

I am thrilled with each new visitor that arrives and judges me worthy to follow. Even more exciting is to visit their blog and find that they are some of the most intelligent, funny, and interesting people writing today.

We are the writers and bloggers of the future....hear us ROAR.


  1. Sometimes I wonder the same thing. I consider my life BORING! lol
    What's interesting to me about other people's lives are the similarities we all share and inevitable write about. Am I the only one that wants to overturn the damn ice-cream truck that insists to play the annoying music when I’m trying to write?

    Don’t get paranoid, but we’re watching you! heh

  2. Hi Charlie! Welcome! You are sooo not alone with wanting to damage the ice cream truck. My dogs hear it before we do and howl mournfully until it son considers it an early warning system.
    Also...can you be a writer and NOT be paranoid?ha

  3. Marsha,

    I'm with you. I think a person can write honestly without being rude. I also get excited with every new follower and every comment. I like knowing my blog is interesting enough for someone to drop by. :-)

  4. I read your blog! I am a follower! And I like writing blogs. I like to know I am not alone in the torture that writing can be sometimes. And those writing highs must be celebrated on the blog-o-sphere!

  5. I understand. I write my blog daily and nobody in my family reads my blog. I do have it uploaded to Facebook, and have over 200 friends, but who knows who reads it or not. I get a post here or there. But nothing huge... However, if I rant like yesterday, I delete it from Facebook. (Not something I normally do)

    The other night my husband read some blog entries and was excited at how many people were following. So, that's a plus... I really like the outlet blogging gives me. I didn't expect to feel this way, but I do.

  6. I know what you mean about your man not reading. My boyfriend rarely reads anything unless it's for work. I know he CAN read and is actually very intelligent. He just prefers TV and movies over the printed word. Unfortunately, I think too many of our generation feel that way...

  7. My husband is not an avid reader either. He will only read if I'm writing a blog when he's around, and he will hover over my shoulder.

  8. In my house, I am the the reader, and writer. And I too, write as though I am blogging for a comedy central or (dare I say it?) Oprah size audience. But as you say, with persistence and interesting things, it will happen. It will happen, it will happen... it will.. ok, that's good and plenty! :)

  9. I need another blog post just to comment on everyone's comments.ha
    So let me just say that I love being able to blog and share thoughts about writing with people who totally understand where I am coming from.

  10. First: I love your blog Marsha. You are unique and you are far from rude or hurtful. The whole Gerard Butler and Stephen King thing is even cool.

    Second: I think we all feel similarly. And like Charlie said it is interesting to see others' lives that look slightly like our own. I don't have many writer friends that I can see in person. You lovely people of the blog world are awesome.

    Third: JM- it will happen. Your blog is hilarious and people will soon flock to it.

  11. I'm reading it! I'll put you in Google Reader too, so I can read it every day!


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.