Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Celebrity Novels-Part Deux

The flip side of my rant from yesterday on celebrity writers are that the ones who are actually good tend to be lumped in with the rest. I would like to mention those writers who put out quality work and just happen to be celebrities as well. I find the best ones are usually comedians and their voice is already clearly defined.

Ellen Degeneres
Jenny McCarthy
Billy Crystal
Bill Cosby
Stephen Colbert

I own a few books by these authors and they are good. The writing is tight and the talent is obvious.

The trend began with celebrities writing their autobiographies and now has branched out beyond that into fiction writing. I believe that everyone has a right to explore their talent but I do not believe that celebrities should have a better chance of publication for their fiction work than the average aspiring writer.

Like me.....and you.


  1. Know what's even better than celebrity authors? "Normal" people who have something really random happen to them which isn't really all that interesting or book worthy, but lands them on the news ... and then they decide to write about it. Can they write? Maybe. But probably not. :)

  2. I've never read Jenny McCarthy's book. Did she write it herself or have a ghostwriter?

  3. Valerie: Exactly! That makes me nuts! I expect the parents of ballon boy will have a book out soon...Flying High or Drifting

    Stephanie: She has written several and yes she is the author. Her autobiography in 1997 and then a few books on motherhood, and now she has published two on autism. Her son is autistic and one of them is co-written with a doctor. Becoming a mother really changed her life. I like her so much!

  4. Marsha,

    Bill Cosby is pretty funny. I like Dave Barry, too.

    By the way, I sent you an email about the NWHRWA stuff.

  5. Bethany: Got it and sent one back, thank you!

    Ok, you guys know I meant to say balloon boy, right? I hate typos! They just ruin the point I was trying to make.

  6. I wish they didn't either but they've achieved that all too coveted platform we need to find like the Holy Grail.

  7. chelsea handler is another comedian who writes her own books. i thought her book was okay. i think she's funnier on her show. but i give her props for writing it herself.

    found you from steph in the city

  8. Hear, hear! I agree so much that celebrities should have to seek publication the same way we all do: based on talent and professionalism.

    I'm curious about celebrities who have written fiction--some of the ones listed above wrote nonfiction (and Jenny McCarthy's was decent, it's a pregancy and child series of books).
    I'm talking about Ethan Hawke who has written two or three novels and the girl who was on the OC, who is like 22 years old, and has written a two YA novels. Has anyone read those?

  9. Welcome SFTC! I like Chelsea Handler too and I had no idea she had written a book.

    I didn't realize that Ethan Hawke had either and now I am curious about it too.


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