Thursday, October 8, 2009

Music: The Juice of Creativity?

Some say that music is the juice of creativity, it actually helps them focus when they write. Published authors are passing along the sound tracks that inspired specific novels as an insight into their story world. I am the opposite. I must have it as silent as I can hear the characters speaking in my head.

I think music is uplifting and inspiring. It can create a mood or help lift you out of one. Songs are mini stories of their own and capable of profound messages. I love to listen before writing to help those creative juices start flowing but once in the zone, the story in my head is to loud to tolerate anything else.

The music that most inspires me is moderate or alternative rock. I like Nickelback, Seether, Linkin Park, Jon Bon Jovi (I'll always love you, Jon) and a multitude of others. Lately I have noticed my favorite radio station slipping in a few country singers like we won't notice. I would be upset but I am hooked despite myself. Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Rascall Flatts to name a few. Can these be called country any longer? They are just....perky.

I would have to say the latest song by Linkin Park, 'New Divide' best describes my current wip. It could be the theme song.

Do you listen to music as you write? What music inspires you? What song or artist would best describe your current wip?


  1. There have always been crossover artists. Faith Hill and Shania Twain. Garth Brooks. Back around 1980 it seemed half of the pop charts were ruled by country artists (Oak Ridge Boys, Kenny Rogers, etc.) I'm just not a fan of country music and they don't seem to bother to make this stuff sound pop, IMHO. Taylor's music sounds VERY country to me.

  2. Taylor's does to me too but I don't HATE it. Maybe I would if I had to hear it all the time. It won't ever be my first choice of music but I think I see the appeal.

  3. My novel is set in the early 1960's, so I find music from that era helps me set the tone and get into it.

    And yes, it helps juice up the creativity.

  4. Terry, the early 1960's? So what are we talking here, Dianna Ross? Beach Boys? Or Dylan and Hendrix? That was a busy time and a lot of great music.

  5. I think you all know how much I love music... It's just a part of me. I need it to release my creative side. I gotta have music!


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.