Monday, October 19, 2009

Random Events

I would like to comment on several things that have happened in the last week or are about to happen. Frankly, these things disturb me.

1) Balloon Boy found in the attic: If this was my child, I think I would have searched the entire house first. The suspicion is that this was a publicity stunt. Don't use the kids, people.

2) Bon Jovi documentary premiers Oct 24th on Showtime, titled 'When We Were Beautiful': I fully intend to watch but the burning question is, when did they stop being beautiful?

3) Day 12 of Janet Reid Watch. I'm starting to really be concerned. Could she have actually taken a vacation?

4) Why do all of my best ideas for my story come to me when I am half asleep in bed at almost 1:00am in the morning? Why can't I fully remember them? I know they were incredible!

Feel free to rant about what has bothered you the past week! I'm listening!


  1. My stomach was all pins and needles Saturday...does that count? LOL It's fine, now. Was just nerves over the party. Of course, this week, I've got the Todd Stone Workshop on Friday and Saturday (Marsha it's in town...I'm not sure if I mentioned this before. It's all day Friday starting at 8 AM and then it goes on Saturday, too--but not sure how long on Saturday). But I'm not ranting about the workshop, I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Oh yeah what bothered me was, hands down, that first paragraph contest of Nathan Bransford's. He can say until the cows come home that not being picked as a finalist or winner is NOT a reflection of your writing, but what else can it be???? Horrors. Back to drawing board.

  3. Bethany! I am so jealous! You have to give a full report after the workshop. Friday is my son's birthday and Sat. is his big party so I am going to be really busy. I am happy that you had a great time at your birthday party too.

    Sierra-I don't even want to hear that! He didn't pick mine either. I am sooo telling myself that there were just too many good ones to choose from.ha But I am also going to work much harder. And remember even he said, it was just the first paragraph. Hard to base the entire book on that.

  4. I'm sure Ms. Reid is figuring out how to skewer some poor sap... as far as Bon Jovi, I'm most impressed by JBJ's canadian goose commitment to his wife (mad props to him)

  5. I keep my cell phone near me while in bed. when I get ideas at 1 a.m., I sleepily type them into my phone and save them. Sometimes the words are a bit confusing the next day, but most times I understand myself.

    Just a thought for you.

  6. Marsha,

    Sure, no problem. You and I might need to meet some time for coffee and chatter. We live too near each other not to "join forces" as it were. LOL. Have a great time at your son's party. I was such pins and needles about my party working out that my stomach got mad at me and decided to not feel great that day. I have a funny feeling same thing's going to happen with this workshop...although I am excited about it, I'm nervous, too. This is my very first workshop so I have no idea what to expect...there's no real official schedule as far as I know...except it starts at 8 AM on Friday and we have an hour and a half for lunch and I finally will get to meet my CP (critique partner) face to face! I'm planning on learning a lot and having a good experience. :-)

  7. Bane-I didn't know about any canadian goose commitment. But if it has something to do with them being together for so long (20 years) then thats just another example of his

    Regina-You can see your cell phone at 1:00am in the morning?hahah I am going to put a pad of paper beside the bed though. Thanks for the advice!

    Bethany-Good luck on the workshop! And yes we are going to have to get together!

  8. Marsha,

    Email me, lady, we'll set it up. :-)

  9. OMG #4 is me all over. I always have the best ideas at night, in bed. If I could hook up my brain to a self-typing computer, I'd be set :)


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