Friday, October 16, 2009

Story: Chapter and Verse

Every writer has a their own style of writing. They have a different take on what makes a story exciting, how the beginning should entice the reader, and when to dribble in the details that drive the plot.

Its a work in progress for every aspiring writer to create that magic that combines all of the necessary elements into the perfectly crafted story.

Nathan has chosen his finalists in the 3rd Annual Best First Paragraph Contest.
They were all incredibly good! Congrats to T.Anne for her honorable mention. Her paragraph was amazing.
We can use the tips we have learned and apply them to our story. If you did not make the list of finalists, do not be saddened. There were over 2500 entries!

What we need to take from this experience is encouragement and a greater desire to do better, to strengthen our own writing. We have been given a gift. We have been shown examples of what agents are looking for when they evaluate new manuscripts. Do not be quick to dismiss this. Any insight is worth its weight in gold.

So be happy and write on!!


  1. Hi Marsha-
    Amen to your commentary on the honorable mentions at Nathan's blog. Any glimpse into what moves an agent in my book is valuable.
    Best wishes on your work!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! Best wishes to you as well!

  3. I definitely see your point and intend to learn from this as much as possible. Nathan is such a helpful agent. His blog is part of what re-interested me in writing.

  4. The other thing is, maybe Nathan loved your paragraph, but it needed more of something or change somewhere to make it finalist/honorable mention worthy. Like agents have often said: they have their preferences and know what they like and/or can sell. One agent's rejection is another agent's request for a partial and/or more...and even maybe representation.

  5. Bethany, I completely agree with that.

  6. Ack! That's me! *blush* Thank you!!!!! I think Nathan's insight today is invaluable. It's like a free workshop.


It helps to know I'm not just talking to myself.