Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Flashbacks

The year is 1975.

The number one novel on the NYT Bestseller List in November was:
Curtain by Agatha Christie.

The number one movie of the year was: Jaws.

A postage stamp cost .13 cents.
Gas was .57 cents a gallon.

You were pretty cool if you were wearing this:

Or this:

I looked something like this:

Ok, not really. It was more like this:

That was my real hair though.


  1. Cute! I wasn't even around for 1975...that was a bit before my birth ;-) LOL

  2. Too funny. Love that last picture! 1975? SOunds like the title of some arcaic novel ;)

  3. Cool. I've been collecting that sort of thing for 1964, along with movie trailers, TV ads etc, for my website, since that's when my novel takes place. One day, I might even pull the website together.

    I enjoy your site so I'm coming back more and more. I like this Friday Flashbacks idea too.

  4. Oh and your baby bottle. So cute.

  5. Thanks T.Anne, you know I love those all those baby pictures.

    Terry: So glad that your coming back more! The Friday Flashbacks are fun for me and so interesting. I liked that baby bottle too. Are we twisted? Nah.
    Can't wait to see your website!

  6. Marsha,

    I can't help when I was born. *Grins* The very fact that I was able to grab the latter end of 1979 was a feat worthy of song. LOL :-) a friend of mine and I love to tease her husband about being an 80's baby since she and I were both able to catch the 1970's before they ended.


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