Thursday, November 12, 2009

Surprise Me

I want to do a little experiment and I need your help. This idea came to me after reading through Rachelle Gardner's blog.

I don't read it every day but I like to pop over there now and again. She is not interested in my genre but her blog is definitely helpful, entertaining, and just nice.

Back to my experiment. I want you to tell me a surprising detail about yourself, one that not many people know about. It doesn't have to be a deep, dark secret. You don't want to share something that you wouldn't want your future agent to know but this will be a good exercise for character development as well. You want to surprise readers with details about your characters that make them more real. We all have a few surprises in us that contradict our personalities. This makes us complex, interesting human beings. We need to remember to add that element to our characters.

My surprising husband and I have matching tattoos. Yes, we do. They are small and somewhat tasteful, positioned on our shoulders so we can cover them when appropriate. We feel bonded, like a matched set now. Funny story...when we received them, the tattoo artist we went to appeared to be hitting on me. I was flattered and a little embarrassed. Then my husband sat down for his (chicken, made me go first.) and the artist proceeded to hit on him too. He was an equal opportunity flirt. Also, refer to yesterday's post. This will help explain things.

So....your turn! Tell me something about yourself....surprise me.


  1. I used to skate professionally. There. I said it.

    BTW- did you claim your prize from the contest the other day?

  2. I cook gourmet and ethnic meals regularly with the proper music and wine to got with them, along with candles. Sometimes I crave good old comfort food too. My guilty secret: Potato Chip Sandwiches.

    Even my husband doesn't know about this one. We grew up in New England and I never heard of them until I moved to the South. So good.

  3. Regina: That is so awesome that you skated professionally! I cannot even stand on skates.ha I didn't claim my prize, I sent an email to you at the info and the other email. Am I doing something wrong? If you look under my profile you will see my email.

    Terry: I am so envious of those dinners! And Potato Chips Sandwiches...yummm. My favorite foods are deep fried anything...with

  4. Marsha, I'm with you on the deep-fried, especially fish and seafood. Let everyone else eat their broiled scrod. Good, yes, but better fried.

  5. I don't know if I have anything about myself that I haven't shared that I wouldn't mind sharing. Pretty much everyone knows I'm shy even though I don't seem like it. Most everyone knows I'm an introvert (although I can fake being an extrovert when needed). Other than that, not sure.

    Maybe that I used to dip Ritz Crackers in ketchup? I don't do that anymore, though. They tasted better dipped in orange juice, but I don't do that anymore, either. I've gotten boring...I prefer them with just cheese or by themselves. No more weird food combinations for me.

  6. I make up songs and sing them to my pets. Please don't judge me. :)

  7. Bethany: The ritz cracker thing is just....gross. Let's face it, that is Teasing you. I like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. Is that wierd?

    Valerie: That is hysterical. I won't judge you..much. My husband and I used to sit and watch our dogs, making up conversations for them back and forth. It was so funny.

  8. Marsha,

    I know it's gross LOL...and like I said, I don't do that anymore LOL. I can't have peanut butter (used to eat it, but there's some nut allergies in my family, and since I've had a tiny bit of trouble with nuts I gave 'em up), so I wouldn't know how bad or good peanut butter and pickle sandwiches are...never had that hasn't ever appealed to me...but you can enjoy it LOL

  9. I obsessively floss my teeth at least twice a day. I swear I'm not OCD in any other way however.

    What time of tattoos did you guys get?

  10. Hi Jules! We have our sun signs tattoo'd beside each other, the sign for Gemini and Cancer.

  11. My biggest secret is that I want to be a writer. I love writing everything: screenplays, stage plays, novels, poetry... But everyone around me is so practical, and they're all for traditional employment, so I don't tell anybody.

    Lesser secret: I can do a full-split.


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