Monday, November 2, 2009


The term 'superagent' evokes the image of a caped superhero, with a kindle in one hand and a contract in the other, able to leap buildings in a single bound, and talk multiple publishing houses into competing for your manuscripts.

This is the agent we all want. We have a top ten list and keep our fingers crossed when we pluck up the courage to query them. In reality, these are the busiest agents in the business and they might not be the right fit for you. Do not be hesitant to query those agents who are newer to the business and making a name for themselves. They can sometimes be more eager, more energetic, and have the time to give you that a busier agent might not have.

When you receive that offer of representation, you should have already researched the person and house they work for, but take the time to speak with them. Find out those personal factors that might or might not make them perfect for you. You do not want the equivalent of a one-night stand, you want a long term relationship with this person. Do not leap without careful consideration.

Do not be discouraged, your superagent is waiting for you....and ironing that cape in their free time.

Congrats to Stephanie Faris for signing with an agent!


  1. Good point about newer agents. I definitely need to broaden my list and lose some of the fear that goes along with this process before I start querying.

  2. Yup yup. Good post. Now I'm off to find my super agent so we can save the world!!! :)

  3. Awesome post, Marsha.

    Check out my blog post, All Write By Me for a surprise for you!

  4. Thank you!!! Yes, it's tough. I found this site last night that helped because my big question was...what now? We all work to get an agent but you don't really spend much time preparing yourself for those steps AFTER you get an agent. It's quite an adjustment in thinking, going from sending things out and doing all the work on your own to focusing on the writing and letting someone else do all that!

  5. Regina:Yes, query widely!

    Valerie:LOL, because who else will save it if not for us?

    Bethany:Thank you so much! Your the awesome one!

    Stephanie:Thank you so much for the link! Are you sleeping at all?lol So excited for you!

  6. Thanks for the advice. I'll remmeber it when I get to agent stage :)


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