Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Flashback


The Bestselling Book on the NYT list in November was The Dark Half by Stephen King.

The Number One film of the year was Batman.

I met my husband and he looked like this:

If you squinted just a little.

I looked like this:

If you squinted a lot....ok if you were drunk and you squinted a lot....ok if you were an old, blind, drunk homeless guy chasing me around the grocery store. This actually happened.

Those were the good old days.


  1. That's funny! (And a little scary) LOL

  2. I laughed reading this post. Very well done, Marsha. does your husband still look like that if you squint or has he evolved to where you don't have to squint? LOL

    Of course, your husband would say wouldn't have to squint to see you look like that. At least he would if he wants to stay out of trouble LOL

  3. Thanks, Jennifer. I had no idea what to do! I ran...but laughed later.

    Bethany-I have to wear contacts now so all I have to do is take them out and voila! Hellllooo, Kevin Costner.LOL
    He does still look like him, they are aging the same, and look good. It is not fair at all!
    He says that Michelle Pfeifer is no where near as pretty as me....he isn't crazy. Which is why we have been married for so

  4. I wouldn't mind skipping back to '89 and doing it all over again. Seems like there were less problems then. I'm sure it's just my imagination.

  5. Regina, it is! We had problems back then and they seemed so important, if we only knew how good we had it!

  6. LOL!!! I use to hear that I looked like Uma Therman a lot. And they were right. If she had a ugly sister or you were really far, far, far away.

  7. Marsha,

    Awesome! You can tell your husband that he's telling you exactly the right things he should (to stay out of the proverbial doghouse LOL).

    My husband has told me that as far as he's concerned other women don't exist--oh he knows they're there, but they don't hold his attention like I do. (I think he's biased LOL; but I'm glad).

    Sometimes men say the most thoughtful, wonderful things :-)

  8. T.-That's awesome, I love Uma Thurman! I bet you do look like her. Sometimes when people say those things its not because we are the spitting image of someone, but there is a resemblance, like in the eyes or the expression. I am clinging to

    Bethany-Your husband sounds so sweet! Yes, they can say the greatest things...usually when we are so frustrated with them and then they just melt it away with one comment. Or chocolate covered husband knows all my weaknesses.

  9. Marsha,

    Husbands usually know the wife's weaknesses...that way they can get outta trouble. It's that "Get Out Of Jail Free" card (like in Monopoly) except for husbands.

    P.S. Tell him I'm glad he's willing to "loan you" out to the NWHRWA on Nov. 7th I understand and appreciate the sacrifice :-)

  10. Well at least, hopefully willing to "loan you" to the NWHRWA LOL.

  11. Thanks for reminding me of what I did look like. I think it was a reality check...LOL


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