Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Walmart Peeps

What would you say to this guy if he were standing behind you in line at Walmart?

I would say, "Dad, what ARE you doing? You know that hat doesn't go with that outfit."

Or this guy:

Who obviously had to go shopping for a TV on laundry day.

Some people never stop needing their mothers to dress them.


  1. Thing is you can't go wrong with a solid colour T'shirt and a pair of jeans. I'm no fashionista, but I'm amazed how some people hear fashion police sirens every time they leave home!

  2. Um...now I have another reason not to go to Walmart. LOL

  3. Linguista, you are so right! That first guy does match except for hat and socks. Its actually kinda cute...

    Bethany, how can you pass up Walmart?lol

  4. Marsha,

    My husband says he feels like a ping-pong ball when he's in there. So we don't really shop there...plus most of what we need is right around the corner.

  5. LOL! WEre those taken with your cell? I hope you snagged them off the internet. If not, I say hit Target next time!


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